12 June

The Light

by Jon Katz

I got this mobile the other day and we hung it in the bedroom to catch the morning sun. It feels like a  holy light to me, I don’t know why, and I kept thinking of the Light, as described in the Kabbalah, the writings of the ancient Hebrew mystics.

In the Kabbalah, Light is code word for the radiance of divine love. The Light of the Creator is said to include all that we want and need. That is not only tangible things, but also emotional and spiritual qualities – love, beauty, trust, happiness, fulfillment, things that cannot be easily expressed in words.

This is the point of life for me, the Light of fulfillment that I can only glimpse flleetingly during the most joyful and meaningful times of my life. I wonder if this could be the Light I see in the morning, and that I dreamt about last night.

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