10 July

New Hats For The Twins, And The Weekly Joke

by Jon Katz

I got Asher and Issachar new baseball caps today, they were a big hit, although they argued a bit about who would get which color. These boys are a pleasure to talk to and a pleasure to help. I brought them some new jeans as well. They have nothing, but they both are bright, funny and self-aware.

Each week I bring a bag of books, and then we talk about them.

Asher is too shy to say much at first, but I am breaking through that patiently and slowly. They have invited me to go see Spiderman with them next weekend, along with Sue Silverstein, their teacher.

I’m not sure I can make that movie with them, but  I’m funding the trip. It is a gift to know them, they are brave and honest, we shake hands formally and then we hug.

Issachar claimed he didn’t have a joke ready for today, but I knew that wasn’t  true, he always has a joke. And he did:


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