11 July

Minnie’s Summer Home

by Jon Katz

Minnie has two thrones in the summer, the cushion on the back porch and the top of the haystack in the barn. We just got 50 bales delivered so she can get up high and feel safe.

Minnie, who lost a leg several years ago, is at peace.


  1. Maria and Jon I am so happy that Minnie is here and ALIVE. Because at that terrible time of the injury you decided to give her a chance and now she is enjoying another June summer at Bedlam Farm. I just had to have a cat euthanized and cry bitter bitter tears thinking i should have kept him a few more days to let him know what he meant to me but I was in such shock when they told me he was suffering I took him in and hid my feelings. Now I am sorry. Hard to be happy I just want him back hard to go home every night i loved him so much would give anything if he were still there when I open the door. It was a hard decision to make for Minnie but LOOK !!! SHe is here and ALIVE!

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