13 August

Amy’s Country Kitchen

by Jon Katz

The food situation is rapidly improving in our little town.

We have the Round House Cafe and the Country Gals Diner, Salvano’s Italian Restaurant, the Bog just re-opened after four-month restoration,  Bob sells his hot dogs just outside of town, and we have discovered Jean’s Place a few miles down the road

Now there’s Amy’s Country kitchen. A week or so ago, this bright red kitchen/trailer took up residence in the Cambridge Livestock Auction parking lot.

We stopped by and met Amy, the proprietor, and cook of Amy’s Country Kitchen, complete with shaded tables, an adjoining tent, and plans for a winter dining cabin.

There is something strong and focused about Amy, I think she may be another one of those strong women I love to take photos of. She was a bit photo shy at first, but I said photos of my life were a part of my blog, and it might even do her some good business-wise. I took photos of the impressive and hard-working people I meet in my life.

Sure, she said, do it.

Amy is no-nonsense, she is serious about her menu and cooking. Everything we had was very good I saw the town work crews were already having lunch there in their yellow T-shirts, a good sign. People honked at Amy as they drove by on busy Route 22.

We will surely be back, I want to try some of those muffins she makes for breakfast. The highway crew told me the burgers were excellent, Maria had high praise for her turkey sandwich.

Amy is all about home booking, she cooks everything herself including a blueberry pie that was nothing short of dazzling. She does breakfast and lunch, and on livestock auction day – Tuesday – dinner as well.

Maria and I had lunch there today, we were very happy to see Amy’s Country Kitchen just down the road from us. We are planning to try breakfast sometimes. When you work at home, it’s important to get around. We are glad to have you as a neighbor, Amy, you have enriched our lives.

A livestock auction is a great place for Amy to set up.  On Tuesdays, the long aluminum animal trailers cover the hillside.

Maria and I had a fine time sitting out on those glass tables in front of the stand.  I have a feeling Amy will get her winter building built.

The food was fresh and good, the sandwiches generous, the pie knocked my socks off, Maria and I shared it and devoured it. Amy baked it. She talked about the addition.

Will you be cooking out in that trailer all winter, I asked?

Yes, she said.

Will it be heated, I asked?

Well, she said the stove could heat it. I have little doubt that’s where Amy will be in January, freezing and cooking in that trailer while her customers ate in warmth.

We have a good feeling about this place, like Jean’s Place it’s very real, the food is good and where else do you hear cows mowing loudly right up the little hill?

Something about her piercing dark eyes persuaded me that we will be having dinner there one night soon in her new wooden dining room.

We love it here. Next time I’ll as her to sit still for a portrait, she has a gaze made out of steel.

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