13 August

One Of The Girls: Fate At The Mansion

by Jon Katz

Fate and I went to the Mansion today – her fourth visit as a therapy dog in training. We were happy to see that Bert and Georgianna had returned from their brief vacations and were back in their Secret Garden talking. It was good to see them there.

Fate went to visit with each of them and then hopped up on one of the chairs, a very Fate- like thing to do (Red would never have done that!) and they were delighted, the fussed and cooed at her, and I think she was quite pleased with herself.

Another great visit for Fate, we spent a half-hour at the Mansion, she visited with eight or nine different people, she was appropriate and affectionate, she only jumped on one person once, and they didn’t mind.

Fate and Ruth

The Mansion is getting to feel familiar to her, and that is calming for her. The residents light up when they see her. She grasps the point of therapy work, which is to bring smiles and comfort to people who need it. She does that instinctively.

I have to say, it melted my heart a bit to see her out there in the Secret Garden visiting with Bert and Georgianna, two passionate dog lovers. Fate often jumps up on chairs when she is outside, she is an amazingly athletic dog.

By the way, Bert and Georgianna love to get letters, you can mail them c/o The Mansion, 11 S. Union Avenue, Cambridge, N.Y., 12816.


  1. What a hoot! Fate looks as if she’s yacking away with the other ladies, perhaps catching up with all the goings-on and gossip at the Mansion.

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