13 August

Two Dogs: How They Reacted

by Jon Katz

It’s been four days since Red died, and I’ve been monitoring Fate and Red to see their responses. Neither has shown any signs of grieving and there are no outward signs that either dog is upset or disoriented.

Being pack animals, it is a big deal with the leader of the pack dies or leaves, so I am sure they noticed it and are aware of Red’s absence – dogs notice these things.

Bud and Fate have been playing more inside the house than they were, that could be a sign of anxiety or confusion. Fate does not seem to notice Red’s absence from the pasture, I’ve stopped letting her run around the sheep and are instead asking her to lie and stay near the sheep.

She will go on her fourth therapy dog lesson this afternoon at the Mansion. Bud seems unchanged. Both dogs are eating heartily, playing running around the pasture.

I think Fate will calm down and assume more of a leadership role with Bud.  But loved Red and protected him, but he is a happy and adaptable dog. He’s seen the dark side of life, he doesn’t seem to want to waste too much time on grieving.

But is a good-time Charlie, he almost never stops having fun.

I imagine the politics of the two will change. Bud is a pretty dominant dog, but so is Fate, and she is bigger and more senior. We’ll see what happens.

I am excited to be working with Fate on therapy work and some elemental herding. she’s a great dog and I hope she begins to grasp this and respond accordingly. I’m doing lots of calming training with her – lie down, sit, stay. We’ll see.


  1. Red had herding so “handled” maybe Fate just didn’t need to horn in on that? But it will be lovely to watch her unfold and use aspects of herself previously dormant.

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