11 September

Meditating Together

by Jon Katz

It’s true, I suppose, that Bud and I have gotten close. I can’t be one of those Big Men In Trucks with small dogs, for obvious reasons. But Bud and I in sync. Sometimes, when I meditate, Bud hops up into my lap, he is also learning to be calm and peaceful.

Lately, he just rolls over onto his back, puts his head on my shoulder, and goes to sleep. Sometimes, when I’m done meditating, I close my eyes and go off to a quiet place. I just let my mind drift.

Bud, an active, sometimes even hyper dog, seems to settle into the moment, he snores loudly and sighs, but he also makes me feel comfortable and peaceful. I like sharing my meditation with a dog, and Bud is the first one small enough to really do it. Maria took this photo, she says she couldn’t resist.


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