8 October

Tuesday: Mansion, Joker, Prep For Class

by Jon Katz

A chock full Tuesday. I got up, blogged, went to the Mansion at 1 p.m. for my weekly story reading to the residents. I bought a Beats blue tooth speaker and fed some stories from a website on my iPhone, the residents loved listening in that way, I played two stories for them, a fairy tale and a story about a girl and a magic wand.

I also read two stories aloud, the speaker saved my voice a bit and the stories were enchanting. I can access 3,000 recorded stories that way. On the way out, Fate and I stopped to check on the Secret Garden posse. They were happy.

Which makes me happy, I like to see them all bundled up, puffing away and happy.

I brought them some DVDs they wanted – the Godfather series, My Fair Lady, and Gigi.  When they’re not out yakking and smoking, they’re in the Great Room, watching tv on the big screen we got for them.

They were happy, they aid they had everything they needed. They were dressed warmly, and when it got cold and they went inside they had the new movies to watch. Georgianna says I’m going to heave for sure (a way of asking for cigarettes, I think.)

I talked with Bishop Maginn’s new Drama Teacher Erica Macleod, she is directing the first play the school has done in years. The kids will build it, but they need materials from Home Depot.

Erica asked if the Army of Good could help buy materials for the school’s first stage set ever.  I’ll get the details next week. She will need $1,000. I said I would sure try to raise the money.

I can contribute about $400 myself, this is a project close to my heart. People who wish can contribute via Paypal, jon@bedlamfarm.com, or by check, Jon Katz, P.O. Box 205, Cambridge, N.Y., 12816. If I can’t raise the money, we’ll consider a Wish List.

But I think I can. This is a very worthy cause, please help if you can.

I’m meeting Erica and the actors soon and will take photos and get more information. That’s a joyous task for sure.

I stopped and did a food shop and picked up the books I’m assigning for my class.

This afternoon, I’m heading out to see the Joker for the second time. As I described the movie to Maria, she said she’d like to come with me.

I need a second look to get some clarity on this complex and powerful and unnerving movie.

I’ll write the final word about the Joker tonight. I have to do some preparation for my Writing Workshop at Bishop Maginn, it begins tomorrow. I’m bringing books, notebooks, pens. I’m excited.

Time to go.



  1. Jon, my daughter saw the movie last night. She’s a Psychiatric/Mental Health NP. This is what she told me: “The movie is a brilliant movie from a mental health aspect. Since it’s more the development of the Joker it’s not very comic book-y and they have a different take on his development than the traditional comic book theory. Not near as gruesome as I thought. The violence in the movie was well placed and nothing seemed gratuitous.”
    She liked it. Doesn’t sound like something I would enjoy though.

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