3 November

First Hay

by Jon Katz

Today, after another hard frost, we brought some hay out to the sheep and donkeys to see how hungry they are. They are fat and happy from months of eating green grass, but the frosts are killing off the grass, there is little nutrition in them.

The climate is changing constantly, usually, we are feeding hay by now, but as it warms, the grass stays green longer. The farmers say they don’t put hay out if the sheep can see the ground, that’s a little harsh for us.

We start the hay when the grass and fields are no longer green, but turning brown and yellow for the winter.

Our farmer’s market has moved indoors for the winter, right behind Hubbard Hall, our theater and arts center. We stopped by to get some bread, some liver pate, some rhubarb scones, and some cheese and potato dumplings.

We’re finishing up painting the dining room table, Maria wants to paint the front porch, Fate is out of the crate but confined to the house. She’s been a good girl.

I’m about to polyurethane the table and also replace about one-third of the water in our fish tank, something I do twice a month.

My photo crisis has worsened, but I think I can squeeze through a photo or two until tomorrow when I will hopefully get some help.

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