7 November

Zinnia, Five Days Away, Goodbye, Aperture

by Jon Katz

Zinnia is five days away. On Monday, I’m heading out early to have some more surgery done on one of my eyes. Then we’re heading off to  Connecticut, we’ll stay in a motel there Monday night and pick up Zinnia on Tuesday morning.

We’re getting the first arctic cold on Tuesday, Lab puppies don’t usually care. Bud has already monopolized the warm space in front of the woodstove.

I think we have everything we need for the puppy, I might get a few more chew toys.

Today I’m updating my computer to a new operating system. All of my photos have been transferred to Apple Photos, where they will be safe and stored. I’m fiddling around with Lightroom, which I still find confusing and awkward. But I’ll keep at it.

Shutting down Aperture is an emotional thing for me, but I’m exploring some interesting add-ons, I’m more impressed with the Apple photo program than I thought I’d be. I see that Lightroom is a very strong system, we’ll see.

I’m going to take my time.


  1. When I first started Lightroom, I watched videos by JulieAnn Kost. She breaks things down into small bites that make it easy. There are a million places of course to learn LR online, but she is the one that I found most helpful.

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