20 November

Sue Meets Zinnia At Bishop Maginn

by Jon Katz

Two big hearts met one another and fell in love yesterday at Bishop Maginn High School, Sue Silverstein, a dog lover and great champion of dog therapy work, has been waiting for months to finally meet Zinnia.

A moment that lifted my heart way up. Sue had a playpen ready, along with stuffed animals (a pink collar) and things for her to chew on. Sue is a good friend and a great supporter of the work the Army Of Good is doing at the school.

Two sweet souls meet. It doesn’t get too much sweeter than that.

Sue invited three students in her class to come up and meet Zinnia when we first arrived. Zinnia climbed into the lap of each one, did a lot of sniffing and licking. I was astonished at how at ease she was.

She never once flinched, balked or backed away. I think we did it the right way. She has a lot of admirers at Bishop Maginn. “Is she going to be the school dog?,” one sophmore asked me hopefully.

“Kind of,” I said, “kind of.”

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