22 November

Chick Magnet

by Jon Katz

Had I but know the impact a puppy-like Zinnia would have on women, I would have gotten a whole bunch decades ago, I could have made showing puppies to women my life’s work.

I’ve been doing it all week, and I have to say it’s a lot of fun. All kinds of wonderful women are suddenly very happy to see me, talk to me, invite me to lunch and to their houses.

I am not used to being this popular.

Yesterday Zinnia and I were mobbed by women at the Mansion, it was nice, and Zinnia loved it also. Zinnia met Kassi, the Mansion director and chewed on her chin for a bit.

I had to tell the staff and residents that putting teeth on human skin is never allowed in therapy work, nor is food of any kind.  Zinnia showered Kassi with some kisses once she figured out she wasn’t a chew bone.

This was great fun for me. In addition to socializing Zinnia, I got to talk with a lot of people about their dogs, and I am blessed by owning one so many people want to know.


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