3 December

The Dog Who Loves A Storm

by Jon Katz

We had another good-sized snowstorm last night, giving us about 18 inches of snow in a couple of days. I don’t complain about the weather, it is what it is, and we actually had great fun shoveling, brushing and scraping.

Maria and I are a practiced team with storms, we did sleep very well though. Snow is beautiful, quiet, stirring. We let Zinnia out after the sky cleared, and she had a blast (see video below) tearing back and forth diving into the snow, chasing Bud and Fate, following me everywhere I went.

She did try to eat the scraper I use on the car, but then, she is a Lab. A scraper is probably like steak to her. Maria caught this shot, it was a joy to see how happy Zinnia was to be running around in the snow.

She’s going to love it up here.


  1. What a happy girl! Zinnia makes my day, and thanks to you, Jon, and Maria for the fabulous photos! I am never short of screen savers.

  2. Great capture there Jon.
    I heard a woman say the other day in speaking about her dog’s personality. ” As far as she knows,Everyday is her best day ever”
    that gave me some pause to reflect on my own outlook.
    thanks Jon for being part of my day.

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