11 January

Gorgeous Day: Shrimp And Snails

by Jon Katz

Climate change is a ravaging beast, it brings us horrors and once in a while, tosses us a bone. We woke up to a disturbingly beautiful and warm day for mid-January, when we traditionally are buried in snow and battle extreme cold.

These aren’t the dark days, but they are the cold days.

Not today. We are heading out to buy a snail and perhaps some red shrimp (foragers) for our tank. Next weekend, Maria and I are hosting a Snail Party, an exclusive band of snail lovers who want to study snails and talk about them.

Yes, it sounds strange, but I am one of them, snails are a big surprise to me, interesting and more complex than they appear. Maybe we can form a snail club. Hopefully, we’ll get to walk in the woods this afternoon with Zinnia and Fate.

I was drawn to the light on our stone steps and the shadows around our trees. Tomorrow, we’re going to Stockbridge, Mass to see some of Maria’s contributions to the Tiny Pricks exhibition, traveling around the country.

Artists from all over are contributing their favorite quotes from the President.

They hope to create a material record of the Trump administration. Stockbridge, the home of Norman Rockwell, is just an hour away. Maria has several quotes in the exhibit.

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