13 January

Coming Saturday. Men Do More Stupid Shit

by Jon Katz

Well, I put up this video – “The Men Do Stupid Shit” campaign on the blog last week, an all Hell broke loose. It is the brainchild of Mary and Robin, two attack waitresses at Jean’s Place.

The video got nearly 1,000 views on YouTube and was the talk of  Hoosick Falls, N.Y. Mary and Robin are on their way to stardom.

It seems that many men really do do stupid shit and many women are eager to talk about it and share their stories. Jean and Robin are amazed at the response and have invited me to come back to Jean’s Place this coming Saturday for more stupid shit stories regarding men.

It seems they have plenty of stories. Stay tuned on Saturday. This could be big. And Robin and Mary, both of whom claim to not like being photographed seem not to mind now.


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