13 January

Warmest Pillow, Sweetest Friendship

by Jon Katz

I’ve never seen a dog friendship quite like Zinnia and Bud. She already is twice his size, but this doesn’t seem to matter.

Bud is Zinnia’s favorite pillow and he is gracious about letting her rest her head on his shoulders or back.

All-day they share treats and trade, play tug of war. When they get rambunctious inside of the house, I yell “Hey, cut it out” and they stop and go to sleep. They never seem to offend one another or push too far.

It is a sweet friendship. I don’t envy Bud the day he realizes that Zinnia is 50 lbs big. Being a Boston Terrier, I don’t think he’ll care. BostonĀ  Terriers think they are the biggest and most powerful creatures on the earth. They push everything around


  1. My son has an 80 lb Old English Bulldogge and my 17 lb Boston held him still and cleaned his ears for him. Guess who was boss? Lol

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