14 January

See What You’ve Done: Books For Bishop Maginn

by Jon Katz

The school sent me this photo today of the first wave of study books for the state Regent Exams that arrived at Bishop Maginn High School today. More are on the way.

The teachers cannot believe what they see with their own eyes, they talk all the time about the generosity of theĀ  Army Of Good and sometimes, I am applauded just for walking into a classroom.

These are the study and review books for the Regent tests, which are necessary to pass for graduation. In prior years, students had to wait a long time to get a copy, their parents couldn’t afford to buy them and the school didn’t have enough money.

Last week, the school put up a Bishop Maginn Amazon Review Book Wish List, they asked for roughly 150 textbooks. They were all purchased within hours. This is a significant gift for the students there.

If they don’t pass the New York State Regents Exams, then they can’t find good jobs or get to college.

This year, ever child at Bishop Maginn who needs a review book will get their own, and the teachers can begin working with their students right away. This is a very big deal, the teachers are beside themselves.

I wanted you to see what you have done, and to thank you for doing it.

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