14 January

Training Zinnia At Jean’s Place

by Jon Katz

Jean’s Place has graciously given permission to do some therapy dog training there. It’s the perfect environment for me to work with Zinnia on being calm and staying still in a distracting environment with people and food.

At Jean’s, there is the distracting environment of food, people calling out to her, trying to give her food and all kinds of noise and movement. People also tell me their own dog stories, they are impressed with Zinnia’s calm and responsiveness.

So am I.

Zinnia did beautifully at Jean’s Place, she lay down quickly, stayed for nearly three minutes, and came on the release command “you’re free.” I’d like to bring her there several times a week. Her therapy dog training is going beautifully.

In this photo, I had her lie down at one of the busiest spots at Jean’s, and she stated when asked, was not distracted, and came when freed.

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