13 February

The Sometime Winter

by Jon Katz

I call it the Sometimes Winter, bitterly cold days followed by Spring-like warm days, five inches of snow last night, -13 tomorrow, 40 degrees on Sunday. The changing temperatures mean lots of ice and slippery roads.

I’ve fallen five or six times, nearly fallen more than that. You just can’t see what’s under the snow, and the ice is thick and slippery. I’m careful and I have learned how to fall, there is an art to it.

I am immensely proud of the fact that for all of my falls, I’ve never broken a camera falling. I do an instant swivel and land on my side or back. Last night’s snow is fluffy and beautiful the kind that sticks to trees and bushes.

This afternoon, meeting at Saratoga Hospital to help Susan figure out her next move. The roads will be clear by then.

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