13 February

Valentine’s Day Gift For Maria: Yes, I’m Getting Yelled At

by Jon Katz

I gave Maria her big Valentine’s Day present a day early since we won’t seem much of each other today. This is Belly Dancing Day, and I’ve got to go to Saratoga. She only had a few minutes to yell and me.

By tomorrow, which is Valentine’s Day, she’ll receive her hissing cockroach digital certificate from the Bronx Zoo and will have settled don.

She said she doesn’t need a foot massage; it’s a luxury thing, she’ll only use it if I use it,  I shouldn’t buy her presents, she likes the foot messages I give her, etc., etc. She said I should return it.

I have learned how to handle these outbursts. I stay calm and listen carefully. I said she does need this foot messager, I checked with a chiropractor and an orthopedist. I read online reviews and went on orthopedic websites.

She is struggling to accept the idea that it is okay to get presents from people who love her.

I found a wildly enthusiastic endorsement from Oprah, who gets a foot massage with this machine every day while she works and raves about it. And I trust Oprah, like everybody else. I told Maria she could put her feet in this machine while she blogs and reads.

I said if I wanted a foot massager I would get one for myself. When I went to work, a half-hour later I got a call from Maria saying “thank you,” and then she started yelling at me all over again that she would only use it if I would use it.

“I thought you were calling to thank me?” I said, and she laughed at hung up.

Soon, I’ll be heading for Saratoga, and she’ll be going to Belly Dancing. I am sure about this; once she tries this machine, she will love it and be happy to have it.

Maria never gets anything for herself and, at the core, doesn’t think she deserves any gift she gets. So I’m careful about giving her gifts. But she is on her feet all day, and they hurt. And it’s my nature.

This machine is designed precisely for that. I can tell the storm is already passing. I’m so happy to have gotten this Valentine’s Day gift for her. I told her I love her feet along with the rest of her.

I love Maria more and more every day. It’s a good thing. I don’t have a lot of money.


  1. I have a foot massager (different brand) and love it! The only downside I can think of is that it will feel so good, causing Maria to doze off while she’s blogging. Then we won’t have anything to read on her blog. Selfish, I know. 😉

  2. I need one of these. I love my Kevin foot rubs but my feet need more than he can give! What a great gift. I bet maria will love it!

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