14 February

Three Dogs With A Reminder

by Jon Katz

Dogs love traditions and rituals. Every night, when I am done writing and getting ready to go to bed, the dogs appear, they sit quietly outside my study (Zinnia is usually with me) and wait patiently.

I turn off the light, shut down the computer, collect glasses and cups and bring some think rawhide sticks out to them. As I got up last night, all three were sitting there and staring at me.

It is true they are spoiled rotten, but it is also true I ask a lot of them, and they give me an awful lot. I think this image captured this posse. And I can rarely resist them.


  1. I really like this picture. Zinnia looks so different; no longer a cute puppy but a growing dog. Look at those feet that she has to grow into!

  2. I have to disagree. You have not spoiled those dogs at all. They have the security of knowing what is expected of them, and a “thanks” and reward — usually verbal or a gesture, I suspect — when they have done the jobs they need to do. They need work. They need safety. They’ve got that an more. Where is the “spoil” part in that? I’m missing it.

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