17 February


by Jon Katz

The friendship between Bud and Zinnia seems to grow and deepened, the neglected and abandoned rescue dog from Arkansas and he Wasp Princess from Connecticut. There has never been a tense or argumentative moment between these two, they bring each other treats, play tug of war all day.

By night, she is a playful hell-raiser, by day a sweet and quiet hospice dog. Somehow, they balance once another, it is always a joy to see them together.


  1. I have had quite a few pack of dogs / I don’t think I have ever seen such a loving cute friendship !!!! So grateful for your sharing this beautiful relationship 🤗

  2. Jon ,makes me so happy that u have followed your calling of caring and sharing the same on your blog with so many of far and near/ Regarding your work and advocacy . With the School (children)/ the mansion (seniors ) and in community who can use some help and friendship / love. Through your blogging I find u a true mentor I am grateful for yours and Maria’ s practicing your life’s work and the sharing of your life journey with “US ALL” ( yes that was suppose incorrect grammar and in caps)👍🤗

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