25 March

Poem: If I Could Talk To A Tree

by Jon Katz

It would be this one, a wise old maple,

I’d ask him to tell me his stories, and I’d 

tell him mine.

If I were a mouse, or a chipmunk or a squirrel

or a bluebird,

I’d make my home in that knot at the top,

I’d like to crawl in there myself, 

and consider the nature of the world

that we live in

If anyone wants to know what “spirit” is,

or how to find grace,

when someone mentions the beauty

of the stars, or the whispers of the forest,

I want to lean my head towards you,

and climb inside, and keep my face close

to yours, 

like this

  • Jon Katz, March 25, 2020


  1. For some reason this tree trunk made me cry. It’s so indescribably beautiful. Will I be able to get a print on what ?

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