25 March

The Beans And Books Experiment – Food Gone

by Jon Katz

Yesterday, I wrote that we were doing an experiment here at Bedlam Farm. I put eight new cans of soup and beans out in our Little Free Library along with the books that are always there.

I call it Books N’ Beans.

Our library has been used steadily, all throughout the winter, I didn’t know if local people were hungry enough to use it for good now.

I guess I got my answer today.

We have a wonderful food pantry in our town, but I have heard that some people are too proud or shy to use.

Today I went out to check on the library and saw that four of the cans had been taken. I have no idea who took the food and am deliberately not looking outside.

This tells me that more and real hunger has come to our town, I don’t believe those cans would have been scooped up so quickly or at all before the coronavirus.

I’ll go (or Maria can go, if she wishes) and replace the cans of soup and beans that were taken.

Of course, one or two readers wrote to question the safety of the people who come and take these cans. Couldn’t the food be spreading the virus?

Maybe, but isn’t this as safe or safer than going to a supermarket to get cans there. In fact, it’s probably a lot safer.

And I did spray the library with a strong disinfectant, just in case. I was surprised that I thought to do that.

And I am staying away from any group of people more than one or two.

I also know that no one can sanitize their lives so thoroughly so that there is absolutely no chance of infection. I take the virus seriously, but I want to keep some perspective on staying human.

The food cans will now be a permanent part of the free little library. I’m grateful some kids had a warm supper tonight.


  1. “But we can do small things with great love.”
    Just my simple thank you for ALL the inspiring ways that you find to share your love,

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