26 March

The Laptop Pilgrimage To Schaghticoke

by Jon Katz

Zinnia and I are heading out on an exciting pilgrimage for us, the car is loaded with 20 laptop computers (one more coming Saturday) for the students at Bishop Maginn High School who have no computers and can’t participate in the Mobile Classroom operating during the school’s closing.

We’re going to Schaghticoke, the convenience store where I met Ali so many times during our work with his soccer team. The store and its parking lot have a lot of meaning and memories for me, they speak of life and change.

This took a couple of weeks to arrange but is urgently needed.

I’m going to meet Dr. John Harden there, John has been working feverishly to set up the mobile classroom and identify the children who need computers. (We’ve arranged for free Wi-Fi). The Army Of Good made this possible, without your help this would never have happened, and the lives of these children would have gone dark.

I’ll keep my distance from John – a dedicated teacher and a wonderful human being –  but try to sneak into the store for some coffee. (I have anti-bacterial wipes). Zinnia is a wonderful traveling companion, she’s up for everything.

I’m grateful to be taking this trip. It gets me out of the house and into the world but also it feels so very good to be doing this, to be needed, and to be able to help. More later.


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