26 March

The Takeout King: Kevin In The Kitchen At Jean’s Place

by Jon Katz

People from all over the country ask me every day: “How is Jean’s Place doing?” The answer is mostly the same – good days and bad, busy at lunch, quiet sometimes in between lunch and breakfast.

Takeout is a good answer for now, but not for the long run. They want to open up again, they are frightened and impatient. And working their butts off.

Kevin is the King of the kitchen, he works like a demon. Zinnia loves to come into the restaurant and say hello look for crumbs on the floor. There aren’t many these days.

Thanks to the good people supporting Jean’s. I hope we can all keep it up. They are worth it, and if they can hang on for a few weeks, I’ll be they can open up again. Just a premonition. Please support them if you can: the food is great, the takeout number is 518 686 3258


  1. I am a senior live out of Je now an,s tke out zone and senior shut in but I must conmend you on your courage and emathy for thoes in your community, After reading several of your works I thought he must have a “soul” but now I realize you really do have one, and because of your love of all critters small and large perhaps you are Noah recranated.
    Right on, Brother!

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