8 April

My War On Ticks, Turning The Corner

by Jon Katz

There is no way a bunch of tiny ticks are going to drive me and Zinnia out of the beautiful woods where we walk. I admit to being routed by them last week.

I’ve had Lyme Disease and tick bites also play havoc with other health issues. I take it seriously.

With ticks these days – they don’t really die in the winter anymore – it’s all a matter of forethought and preparation. I spent some time researching the best and most highly recommended tick sprays and lotions, and went back out into the field a couple of days ago.

My new tools are a Deet-free spray called “Nantucket Spider,” rated by tick survivors as perhaps the best in the country. I also got Sawyer’s Insect Repellent for my jeans, shoes, and sweatshirt.

I’m applying Picaridin Insect Repellent Lotion for my neck face, hands, and bald head. I have high running socks that go up to my knees (large size and small.)

I used this new stuff yesterday and had only one tick on my pants leg, none on me. I’m ready to resume my walks and keep walking all summer and well into the Fall.

I am reminded again that one can’t be lazy about ticks, they are relentless and tiny and fast. I’ve got some Hartz dog spray coming for Zinnia and she has tick and flea medication she takes every month.

I’ll over updates on how all of this is going.


  1. those are products new to me. I will be interested to know how they are working. Ticks are so bad here.
    They do not get around to mowing the grass as often as they should and it is tick haven. Hannah comes in after ten minutes and i pick live ticks from her fur-not as yet attached and though I am on the sidewalk in the wheelchair I have
    found a couple on my arms (probably from doing pick-up duty from the grass.) I was terated for Lyme when bitten by a deer tick in Hebron. Good luck with the new products. Let us know.

  2. Do you launder your clothes in any special way after your walks? Down here in FL I let my laundry sit (in hot water) in the washing machine for at least 12 hours. Then I begin the wash cycle- always with hot water.

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