18 May

Good Luck, Artist In Residence

by Jon Katz

I wish our first and only Artist In Residence congratulations and good luck on the first day of her residence today. I doubt Maria will write about it herself, as she is modest and superstitious and doesn’t want to make too big a deal of it.

It’s the first-ever Bedlam Farm Artist Residence. Maria has often told me she always wanted one, and so this year she will get one.

This is wise. the idea is really very simple. No pressure or expectations, the point is to take some time to not feel pressured or worried about money. For the first time in either of our lives, we got a modest tax refund from the United States.

Itis enough for her work only for herself and without worry about paying her bills.

There is no success or failure here, only a few weeks to create just what she wants to create, in her own time and way. It might be quilts or potholders, or posters or something I have never thought of.

It might be nothing at all, though knowing Maria, she will be having fun and creating art that is important to her and interesting to me and everyone else.

She isn’t going away or giving up her blog, she’s just going to work free of pressure if such a thing is possible for her. And she has a great head about it. She’ll take her time and think about how she wants to use this time.

Nobody could be under more pressure than the pressure she puts on herself. She has earned this residence and deserves it, my wish for her is that it is nourishing and meaningful to her.

I’ve been living with Maria for a decade, and this is the first time she has agreed to take some time just for herself and her creativity. I am very proud of her and happy for her. You can follow her resident on her blog, [email protected]

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