18 May

New Amazon Bishop Maginn Open-Up Covid-19 Wish List

by Jon Katz

We’ve put up a short (eight items), inexpensive ($5.64 to $39.95) but critical new Bishop Maginn High School Covid-19 Wish List so that the school can meet the state’s mandate for safety when it opens in September.

The good news is that it looks like school will open this Fall, but the flip side if that they could use some help in buying the signs and stickers and thermometers necessary to keep students and staff.

They asked for help and I agreed, this is right in our wheelhouse, a small act of great kindness.

The total cost of these items is approximately $500, I purchased the most expensive item, a $124 plexiglass shield for the school’s office this morning. Please take a look. Help these kids if you can.

This would be a great help to the already financially-pressed school for a relatively small amount of money. The largest group of students in the school are refugee children, the school is a lifesaver for them.

There is a default address for easy shipping at the top of the Amazon check out page, but if you need it, the shipping address is Chris Cioffi, 36 Dutch Meadows, Cohoes, N.Y., 12047.  If you need a phone number for Amazon, please use 518 928 9742.

(If you are uncomfortable using Amazon or prefer not to you, you can send a donation to me, and I’ll buy any remaining items. Via PayPal, it’s [email protected] Or by check, P.O. Box 205, Cambridge, N.Y., 12816.)

If there is any overage, it will go to buy disinfectant spray for the new disinfectant fogger we bought for them.

The items range from a non-contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer to floor marking tape to “maintain distance” floor tape to “STOP By Appointment Only COVID 19” signs to “Caution, Wear Face Mask” sticker signs to “One-Way” Floor Traffic” signs to “Stand Here Only 6 Feet Apart” safety signs.

This is the signage of the new world, and the school needs it to be ready and safe and legal and to open.

I am happy – proud, really –  to help them prepare in this way, the students and their families urgently need this school to open up.

Thanks for your support. Again, the shipping address is “Chris Cioffi, 36 Dutch Meadows Road, Cohoes, N.Y., 12047. She is the school secretary.

You can see and purchase the items here.

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