22 May

The Two Sisters

by Jon Katz

One of the best things I ever did in my life is to get two donkeys, Lulu and Fanny, the “two sisters.” They’ve been together all of their lives, and they are the smartest, sweetest, and most loving animals I have ever come across, and that includes dogs.

During this Pandemic, Maria and I go and visit them every day. They are very tuned into people, they know right away when there is tension in the air or trouble.

They come and sidle up to us, wait to be scratched and brushed. Donkeys loved to be cared for, they love to be touched and brush and fed carrots and alfalfa chunks.

Fanny and I are especially close and when I am out in the pasture and don’t pay attention to her, she comes up behind me and nuzzles me in the butt to get me paying attention.

They have been a great source of comfort and grounding for us, having donkeys is a blessing and a gift.


  1. This is so very nice. I adopted my two sisters, Tansy and Ellie, a year ago and it has been a wonderful experience. I have learned so much and they really do teach one how to be patient! Thank you for sharing your gals with us.

  2. My boy did not nuzzle my butt, however so many neighbors came to stop and ask me to make him him play with my horse (silly humans) if I dared stop paying attention to him to chat I would get a love bite on the back of my thigh! 😂

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