30 June

Queen Kelsie, Strong Woman

by Jon Katz

I don’t hug too many people these days, but I always want to hug Kelsie when I see her Jean’s Place. I go every Tuesday to pay the family for the lunch they make and deliver to the Mansion every Friday.

This is one of the few things I can do to brighten their days, as week after week continues in lockdown.

I buy Maria and I sandwiches to take home, but I’m very happy to see the restaurant open and getting busier – everyone inside is at least six feet apart.

Kelsie is a strong woman, she is the Queen of Jean’s Place. I brought her one of Maria’s vulva pins and she flipped out over it. She is looking happier and fiesty again, it looks like the restaurant will be okay.

I love that smile, she is a natural portrait subject for me.

Their many loyal customers came running to help. Kelsie is my official Strong Woman photo, following in the steps of Kelly and a dozen another strong woman I know.

They make the very best portraits. Kelsie prides herself as being something of an outlaw. She is following the family tradition and is devoted to it. The Mansion residents get sandwiches, salads, and small strawberry shortcakes tomorrow.

Good stuff.


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