2 July

Video: Christening The Composter. “Mr. Green.”

by Jon Katz


We christened our new Composter today with manure from the donkeys, chickens, sheep and orange peels and eggshells, and bread crumbs from breakfast.

We also put in some Composter starter tablets to help jumpstart the composting. The Composter is right next to our exploding vegetable garden and a few yards from the new solar panels which have provided 278.18 kilowatts so far.

We’re eating vegetables from the garden every day, have given up plastic bottles and are reassessing what we buy, where it comes from, and how it is packaged.

Maria has taken to calling me “Mr. Green.”


  1. re the compost very good, i was advised to put some worms in there to separate and it helps the compose. ok. great work Maria xx

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