24 July

Peeps In The Yard

by Jon Katz

I was out taking photos and my peeps – Bud, Zinnia, Fate – were out in the yard and they heard me and came running. Bud and Zinnia are now dozing in my study, Fate is in the yard, watching the sheep graze.

Maria is out walking with a friend. This morning, I am getting my first pandemic hair cut. Joan, who cuts my hair, will take my temperature.  I’ll sign a contact tracking sheet in case anybody gets sick, and wear a mask the entire time I’m there.

Joan says you get used to it after awhile. I’m happy to do it, but I hope I don’t get too used to doing it.

Like dogs, we are adaptable creatures. The new normal just becomes normal.



  1. Jon, I wish everyone felt as you do about wearing a mask. We Americans like to brag about our tough can-do spirit yet it’s too difficult and inconvenient to wear a mask? Frankly, I think we’re acting like a bunch of spoiled brats … I won’t wear a mask and you can’t make me! It infringes on my constitutional rights! What about my right to be protected from your recklessness? The CDC guidelines haven’t changed much – wear a mask in public places, practice social distancing and continue good hand hygiene. It’s not that hard to do! Dr. Fauci and his peers are practically begging us to do this. Whatever happened to self-sacrifice for the common good? If this country had been more diligent about following those guidelines, I truly believe we wouldn’t be where we are now. I’m tempted to order some of those Trump ball caps with MAHA printed on them … Make America Healthy Again – Wear The Damn Mask!
    (Whew, I guess the mention of masks hit a nerve. Thanks for letting me vent.)

    1. Thank you Barbara. My partner has cancer and I have MS and asthma and other health problems. If everyone wore a mask I could actually leave my home. I envy John living on a farm. We wear seat belts to protect ourselves, and if we don’t we get a ticket. Stores require shirt and shoes for one to enter. What is the big deal with posting no mask, no shoes, no shirt no service. On the news, I saw a customer pull a gun on a retail associate. You are right Americans are acting like spoiled brats.
      The good news is many of the large box stores are now requiring people to wear masks and my partner as seen guards at stores to confront non-masked patrons. Stay safe and thank you for having a brain!

  2. for consideration, I have no data on this, but am a home health nurse and have observed violent angry reactions when health issues are mentioned. I think some of the mask resistors actually are having trouble breathing due to unacknowledged and therefore untreated anxiety and respiratory issues. I think unacknowledged anxiety is much of what lies behind the rural opiate addiction and domestic violence crises. I think there is so much PTSD in our society. I think asthma is getting worse due to climate change and the geographical spread of allergens and lengthening seasons of their influence. Infectious pneumonia is also on the rise, globally. And in rural areas, especially poor ones, environmental pollution also affects lungs. I think that people’s cultural inability to admit what is perceived as a personal flaw has led to the “solution” of externalizing the problem. Denying and projecting unpleasant reality is unfortunately a prevalent defense mechanism I have seen too much of in my 35 year career in health care.

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