31 July

Happy Birthday, Mary (I Don’t Know Your Name)

by Jon Katz

I don’t ask for names in the Memory Care Unit of the Mansion, it’s important to protect their privacy. They and their families are asked for permission to take photos, but I don’t really know their names or anything about them.

I miss visiting them with Zinnia, they almost all love dogs.

Dogs are calming for them and bring great joy.

Friday was Mary’s birthday (not her name) and Melissa, a Mansion aide called me to say she had promised Mary a Pinata and cake and cookies but she didn’t realize it would cost more money than she had, so she called me.

We funded the Pinata for $60 and it turned out well. Because of social distancing, Mary had to celebrate her birthday alone, at least 10 feet from the other residents in Memory Care.

Everybody got to see the Pinata and get some cake.

Mary did love her Pinata, small acts of great kindness are sometimes the most powerful. It is such a gift to be able to fill these voids and do some good. I wanted to share this with you. Love and thanks for what you all do.

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