15 September

Cardiac Rehab: I’m A Sore Ass Now

by Jon Katz

I had my first full and regular day of cardiac rehab today, and my ass, legs and arms are sore.

It was a good workout, gently and carefully supervised, but I was using muscles that have been unemployed for a while and they let me know it.

“You’ll be sore in the morning,” Sue said, and I laughed. “I’m sore now.”

There was lots of good news, though. My blood pressure was excellent, my heartbeat strong and healthy, right where it should be.

Early this morning, I walked more than a mile and a half right up a hill and didn’t pause.

Sue wants me to relax tomorrow and give my legs and muscles a rest. Good advice, I might just take a short walk.

My life feels strange now. I can’t go to the Mansion, and I can’t go to Bishop Maginn High School. This is frustrating for me, but I can help and the Army Of Good is staying in a good fight.

We are helping a lot. I’m just about a week away from the “heart intervention” as the doctors call it, it is interesting to have my heart “intervened.” I get nervous at night – the stakes are pretty high – but not in the day time.

I can see Maria is anxious about the surgery – to me, that’s what it is – but we have gotten through a lot and we will get through this. So will our country.

We forget that we have been through worse than this, although nothing quite like it. Pandemics, fires, racial turmoil, economic struggles. A lot for anyone country to absorb.

The country seems to be having a nervous breakdown right now, and I want my political writing to be helpful, not simply part of the noise and din.

People tell me it is helpful to them, I can only take their word for it. Sometimes, it is helpful to me. I don’t do it every day, only when I think there is something I can add.

I am liking cardiac rehab. The staff is wonderful, I am getting stronger and more fit by the day, I am committed to it.

Only four heart patients at a time are allowed in rehab, courtesy of the coronavirus. No noise, no waiting on machines. Plenty of individual attention. I feel spoiled.

As I was leaving, Sue smacked me in the stomach and said “when we get rid of this, your diabetes will be in great shape.” I laughed. I love Sue already.

It feels good to be exercising once again. My heart feels strong, and will soon, with luck, be even stronger. The nurse said if I can do this kind of exercise now and walk up hills in the morning, then the prospects for me next week are very good.

Back to cardiac rehab Friday. Tomorrow, a day to write and take some photos. People need those dog and donkey pictures.


  1. Jon you may want to check out myss.com( Carolyn Myss ) she is very interesting… her free videos are on the things you may be interested in. Mysticism, the world, our part in things, healing. In fact, I just watched we are each other’s caretakers and I slept blissfully after. Her words and videos are a free comfort snd she has the credentials to back it all up.

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