15 September

Emma And Robin, New York Aquarium

by Jon Katz

My daughter Emma is born creative, she writes beautifully, has published one book, and is a gifted photographer.

A few years ago, she decided she didn’t want the bizarre life of a book writer in modern America.

She wanted a more orderly life than an author can have. She is very happy in her life in Brooklyn.

She got a good job managing the baseball coverage of a sharp and successful sports website called the Athletic. It’s a great site, and it got me back into following baseball.

Lately, she has been taking a remarkable series of photographs of her daughter Robin, who is four. Sometimes she sends me one she likes, sometimes I ask if I see it on Facebook or somewhere else.

In general, Emma does not care to be photographed, so I don’t put up any pictures of her without her permission. That improved our relationship.

Her photos of Robin show a person opened up, with a photographer’s eye for composition and emotion.

Saturday, she took this remarkable selfie of her and Robin in front of the giant crab at the aquarium. Good pictures often tell us more than the photo suggests at first glance.

This is a memorable portrait of a mother and daughter exploring the world together.


  1. Robin is fortunate to have such a creative mother. But then they both have you. If you ever wonder what kind of dad you are just take a look at Robin and see how Emma is opening up the world to her. Those eyes are expressive and show the wonder of seeing the world and all of its glories. I suspect those creative genes come from you. Don’t ever doubt your role in all of this. Enjoy it.
    I once saw a giant crab at the aquarium in Long Beach, CA. It was truly amazing..
    Thanks for sharing the super selfie

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