15 September

Sunrise – Blood And Rehab Day

by Jon Katz

I left Maria alone in a warm bed on a cold day – something it is very difficult for me to do. I went downstairs, showered and dressed, and drove to the mile-long hill where I walk every morning.

It was dark when I left.

Today, a real breakthrough for me. I just lowered my head and charged up the hill. No pauses, no steps,  no angina or discomfort. I haven’t been able to do that in more than a year.

It was the coldest day in many months, I wished I’d brought gloves.

I was fortunate in another way. As I came down the hill I saw the first rays of the sun striking the meadow grass and wildflowers just off the road. The sun was coming up through the mist on the meadow.

I stopped to take the photo. This morning, I have to go give blood in preparation for my surgery/intervention/ catheterization next week.

I’m looking forward to cardiac rehab. I’m anxious to get a jump on this next phase and bring my heart up to speed. I’m going to work hard on the stationary bike to prepare me for my new bike, which I can’t get on for nearly a month.

I am grateful to be living here, I belong in the country, I need to be in nature.

When the path is blocked, back up and seem a better way.


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