16 October

The Meaning Of Love

by Jon Katz

A lot of people have written to me to ask if I would put this photo up again, and I’m happy to do it. Zinnia is a dog of great heart, and so is Minnie, who has learned to live and love with three legs.

Minnie was a feral kitten and never got over her shyness, she hides when anyone comes to the farmhouse. Minnie was sunning herself on the stone wall, last week and Zinnia, a profoundly sweet spirit, came over to touch heads and talk to her in the way animals do.

Maria was nearby and took the picture, which says so much more than I could say about it. So thanks for loving it, and here it is again. Perhaps I should put it up every day for the next few weeks, to remind people that love lives and so does hope.


  1. Please do. One of the dogs my son adopted from a local animal shelter has three legs. How this injury happened is unknown. Along her journey, she had teamed up with another dog while they were on the streets before they were picked up and relocated to an animal shelter. These two are inseparable. My son went to adopt one dog and wound up with two. Seeing your story about this friendship touched my heart as I have seen it playing out in person the last few years. Keep spreading the kindness. We desperately need it

  2. A great lesson to mortal human beings – love, unconditional love, can bring that peace and harmony we all strive for. Thank you for this blog Jon. We, the human race, need to be better and do better

  3. Oh my goodness..so glad you posted it again ..it is so so lovely..really boosted my spirits! Thank you Jon and Maria!

  4. That is a remarkable picture Jon, I missed it the first time. I like the foreground Maria has caught as well. Please do run it again. It’s refreshing in this time of stress and unrest. I’m so Trumped-out I can’t look at the news, I’m overloaded with his ‘performances’, theatrical performances which it seems people get sucked into. I guess any number of television personalities could run for president and get elected if they put on a good show.
    Sandy Proudfoot

  5. Loving, tender photo. Not only have you trained Zinnia well, you and Maria have shown her how to love..
    I appreciate your open heart and coming to grips with your total well being.. Thanks for sharing all of it. It is very encouraging.
    Personally, I know dealing with life’’s issues can be difficult.
    God bless you as you rescue both people and animals.
    I also live with a Maria. She is a rescued cat and a cancer survivor.

  6. I love it so much i printed and it is on my wall I need a Zennia to make my WIRED FOX TERRIER a happy boy after all he is Lord Nelson Thanks Jon

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