17 October

Bud’s Bully Sticks

by Jon Katz

It’s taken me a long time to find the right snacks for Bud. Rawhide sticks to the roof of his mouth sometimes, I don’t use it. He’s small, and he can’t always get marrow bones into his mouth or carry them around.

Finally, I settled on thin bully sticks, which he digests well and takes hours to chew. They are healthy inexpensive, and perfect for him. He always finds a spot in the sun to take them and chews them happily until they are gone.

The other dogs have other treats. These are just for Bud, he gets one a day.


  1. Next time he is in your nap snoozing, would you please give him a little squeeze for me. Tell him he has a huge admirer in Maine.

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