27 October

Wood Stove Time

by Jon Katz

Today was a milestone day at the farm, we lit up the wood stoves for the first time. Maria and I grabbed the wood cart, opened the back door to the woodshed, and loaded up enough wood for a day or two.

Yesterday, Fred from Braymer Fuels came to clean out the oil heater in the basement, our back-up in the bitter cold. Between our solar system and the wood stoves, we should have record low heating oil and electric bills for this year.

But we love the wood stoves for more than that. The heating is warm, even, and comfortable. The two stoves warm up the whole house in a comfortable way.

Since I’m the one working in the house all day – Maria has electric baseboards in her studio – I’m especially grateful for the stoves. And there are few things sweeter than sitting in front of a wood fire at night reading.

I’ve got to find a chimney sweep, ours is no longer reachable. Usually, that means they’ve moved to Florida. Zinnia was fascinated.

We’re in diarrhea day two: Fate and Bud both. I fed them boiled hamburger and white rice to bind up their stomachs.


  1. Jon : What do you do with the wood stoves if both of you leave the house? Do you have to douse them to put them out or do they burn out themselves? Do they burn all night? I guess they do or you would freeze.

  2. I know you don’t like advice but pure pumpkin works very well for dogs with diarrhea. You don’t have to give a lot, a few spoonfuls. A caplet of Pepto Bismol too…it’s safe for dogs.

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