28 October

Dogs In The Rain

by Jon Katz

It’s easy to forget that dogs are den and cave animals, and in their natural lives, retreat to their dens in bad weather. I have a border collie, Lab and a Boston Terrier.

All three are among the more active dog breeds, but on a rainy day like today, they are more like bars, curling up in front of our wood stoves and in Zinnia’s case, snoring at my feet while I write.

This morning, Bud headed right for the wood stove, Zinnia and Fate looked outside at the rain, they didn’t want any part of it.

Even the hyper-active Fate gets quiet in the rain, sleeping on a carpet in Maria’s studio. I have a great fondness for rainy dogs, they are especially good for writing.

I’m heading off to Albany to visit Bishop Maginn for the first time in months and meet some of the refugee students. It’s supposed to snow shortly after I get back. It will be nice to have Zinnia lying by my feet snoring.

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