21 November

Hypnotizing Jon

by Jon Katz

It’s those dark and soulful eyes that get to me, along with the soft braying reserved only for me. It is a kind of mind control.

Maria insists that the donkeys have hypnotized me, and I can’t really deny it.

Today was a good example. I drove into the driveway, parked the car and headed to the farmhouse. The car was maybe 20 yards away.

I heard the bray and waved to them, “not now girls,” I’m busy I said. The soft braying continued, and I turned to look, which is always my big mistake.

Fanny upped the braying a notch, and Lulu came closer to the gate, all the easier to turn those big eyes on me. Still muttering, I pivoted and head to the barn. The brays were soft, not harsh, sweet, and alluring. Much like “get on over here, big boy, and give us a treat…”

The donkeys nudged closer to the gate, the braying continued. I pulled open the garbage can containing their oat cookies and walked over to the gate.

I felt in the grip of forces much more powerful than me. I just kept walkie, the transformation to donkey zombie was underway.

My left hand and my right hand were now full of cookies, I put one flat hand full of cookies out to Lulu, and the other to Fanny. Lulu is the leader, she gets the first batch.

I just kept going towards the barn, even though I muttered darkly when I got out of the car that I wasn’t going to take the bait now, I could resist two donkeys.

But I didn’t resist.  Again. I was standing by the gate listening to them crunch happily on their cookies.

I love to stand and listen to the sound of their quiet crunching, and then I go back to the house, wondering once again why I can’t say no, hardly ever in 15 years, despite ticks, mosquitoes, horseflies, heat, snow, cold, and rain.

I think it might be those eyes. Or some donkey voodoo. Donkeys have been around people as long as dogs, if not longer. They have picked up quite a few tricks in their time working and living with human beings.

Every day, I am hypnotized by donkeys. They have the key to my brain.


  1. Admit it. It’s a … cult. You’re a member of a donkey cult. You’re displaying unquestioning commitment, and the donkeys are using mind-altering practices (soft braying = speaking in tongues) to suppress any of your doubts. The donkeys are dictating your thoughts and actions, and inducing feelings of guilt to influence and control you. You are powerless to resist.

  2. 💗 Yes, they know how to work you. But guessing they love to see you come home too. And they love cookies. It’s complicated only to humans,but you bring good stuff,all they need to know😉

  3. this made me a bit sad, since I gave up my 2 donkeys 6 years ago due to circumstances in my life at that time…….and something had to *give* in order to maintain the rest of my life tasks then. I do miss them very much at times, but it was the right decision. they are well and happy and much loved in their new home…..but I do miss them and their antics. Always a joy for me…… definitely a creature like no other…. I enjoy reading and hearing of your two and your *psychic* adventures with them!

  4. This story was so familiar. After 23 years I lost one of my best friends, Petunia. We knew each other so well. Her morning braying would start with the slam of my back door and went on all day. She recognized my voice, my silhouette, and my car. She wanted me to know I was her person and with me is where she wanted to
    be. We loved our walks together in the woods or down the road. I was definitely hypnotized by her, her love and her beautiful soulful eyes. I miss her every day and feel special knowing she chose me to control. Donkey love is real.

    1. I fell in love with the sound of donkey braying when I spent a year in Greece (1984-85) just wandering wherever my soul took me. That beautiful sound stopped me in my tracks every time and entered my heart. How wonderful it must be to hear them every day. A blessing.

  5. Hello, upstate native, now in Kentucky. We have three, and they really know how to send the charm. There is no way to explain it, but having these therapists on site has gotten me easily through this pandemic. They don’t charge much, either– will even happily take used apple cores, lol. Just love them. Your post is sooooo dead on!

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