26 November

Peace Today. Sit And Stay

by Jon Katz

I felt very much at peace today. We ordered a wonderful take out Thanksgiving dinner from Jean’s Place – the workds, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, pies, and fixings.

It was not a lonely holiday, it was a peaceful holiday. We very much enjoy each other’s company and we called our friends to say hello, and I called my sister.

Just the two of us and the dogs – they each got some gravy in a bowl. I’m reading a Vera mystery by Ann Cleeves.  We are both reading like fiends this week.

Before dinner, we walked up Recovery Hill, so -named because I couldn’t walk up it before my heart catheter surgery and now I sail over it and beyond.

Fate and Zinnia came with us, two great dogs to walk with and work with. It’s hunting season up here, so we stay out of the woods.

There are occasional cars, so I work on “sit” and “stay” for when traffic comes. The two dogs are wonderfully responsive and attentive.

When we say “come” they both come flying and sit down and stay when told. We wait until the truck or car goes past and then release them.

In my world, dog training never stops or is taken for granted. I’ve never lost a dog or cat to any kind of vehicle in my life and I plan to keep it that way.

I never assume they’ve got it down. Every day I do sit, stay, and lie down. One day that might save a dog’s life.

I love living with working dogs and working with them. They love training, they love succeeding. Me too.

P.S. Monday, Zinnia gets spayed, she’ll stay overnight at the vet until Tuesday morning. I love it when the vets tell me that my working dogs – Labs and border collies – need to be leash walked and absolutely still for 10 to 14 days.

I have this fantasy that they chuckle and roll their eyes when the dog and owner are out of sight. They live in another world.

Border collies remove hoods in the car before we get home. Zinnia will not be confined or still for two weeks. We’ll do the best we can.

Photo by Maria Wulf


  1. The vet told me the same thing about my Jack Russell terrier. What universe are you living in, I wondered. I just looked at him until he finally smiled and said “Well, do the best you can…..”

  2. Dear Jon
    This photo of you and your beautiful dogs in a peaceful country road is exactly what we need to describe the perfect Thanksgiving message for 2020 ! We need more pictures like this one where we can see and feel the beautiful harmony between you , Maria and your dogs and cats ,donkeys and sheep and how they (Maria included !) changed your life and made you a happy person . They are the inspiration for you to share your struggles , convictions , loves and successes through your blog !! it is so soothing to read you and your everyday adventures …Love it so much !! Happy thanksgiving and big hugs to to all at home …

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