28 November

Friends Keep Each Other Warm

by Jon Katz

Friends keep each other warm in cold weather, and they especially love to curl up together next to a wood stove fire. Zinnia and Bud are buddies, and, and I love seeing them snuffling up in front of the wood stove.

They have a beautiful relationship, they trust each other completely. Two sweet dogs. Fate has no use for this, she is not into cuddling. But she also stays close to the fire.


  1. What a wonderful picture of a sweet relationship! I’m so happy for Bud – he has come into such a good life after having a rough beginning. Kudos to you, Maria, and Zinnia!!

  2. They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and this one is.
    It is a photo that must melt the hearts of anyone who sees it.
    The connection between animals is one of the strongest bonds one can see and experience.
    Just to look at the big sweet lady and that adorable little rascal is something special.
    You and Maria are so fortunate to have this joy. You are both magic who brings out the best in all of your animals in the peaceable kingdom. Thank you for sharing this.

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