4 January

Snowstorm: This Time, I’m Ready

by Jon Katz

We got hit with another snowstorm last night, this one was a lot smaller than the last one, the snow this morning was not five feet hight, more like four to six inches.

And this time, I was ready. My battery-powered new snowblower came charging out and cleared a path in several minutes, allowing me to contribute without putting too much strain on my prima donna heart.

I am impressed with these ion batteries. This green machine is plenty strong.

And my new Merrill ice gripper pull- ons are miraculous, they have treads like an expensive snow tire, and they grip the snow and ice leave me grounded and feeling quite safe.

Maria and I cleared out the barn the pasture and the yard between the house and the barn in just a few minutes. This is not heavy snow, but the blower and the shoes will help me deal with winter safely and without hiding in the house.

You can’t defeat aging, but you can always make smarter decisions about it. This afternoon, back to the gym. My recovery is over, time to get on with life.


  1. You found an effective green machine that makes your life better and effective footwear so you won’t slip while deploying the green machine – I love it when a plan comes together!

  2. Jon…
    “Working smarter, not harder.” This Industrial Engineering phrase illustrates a benefit of age: the application of accumulated knowledge, which can compensate in part for an eventual physical decline. At that point, we begin to realize that sometimes, we did things “the hard way” just because we could.

    Take, for example, evening dog walking. Over time, our walks have grown shorter. And slower. A cane assists. While we don’t have the challenges of severe winters, I dress warmly and wear my Merrell hikers. A “grabber” device helps to pick up the evening newspaper. But I could never discontinue this ritual we both anticipate.

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