12 January

Isolation Ends, Free At Last. The Dryer Ball Celebration

by Jon Katz

My Covid-19 test was negative, my symptoms are gone, Maria and I are free, we have no need to isolate further.

Good news. I am getting stronger and more comfortable by the day. This after, I rushed over to the gym and did 41 minutes on the bike there. It felt good.

We celebrated in an odd but fun way.

Maria got a bunch of roving from the knitting mill, more than she expected. She’s selling some of it, but she decided – I love this idea – to use it to make some reusable dryer balls, something I never heard of, but which are very popular.

We pull the roving into strings and then roll it into balls.

The balls are stuck into pantyhose or regular socks and then put in the dryer. People use the dryer balls to soften laundry and save some electricity for Mother Earth.

The dryer balls are inexpensive, usually sold in packs of 6.

Maria plans to sell some of the ones we make on her Etsy page. We have some test drier balls spinning in the clothes dryer right now.

We plan to test them out before she sells them, and she has to figure out a price. We don’t have too much roving left, so there probably won’t be too many dryer balls.

This is artwork that I can do, I loved rolling two drier balls together. You can follow this new thread at Bedlam Farm on Maria’s website.

Thanks for all of your support doing this odd week. I never really thought I had Covid-19, but we live in the era of caution, and that makes sense to me. I appreciated the quiet, and some time to think.

I need some of that time now, I realize I have to work continuously and thoughtfully to stay grounded and focused and at peace.

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