25 January

Fate Is The Dog Maria Needed

by Jon Katz

As I’ve written, I believe we all get the dog we need if our hearts and minds are open to it. We got Fate for Maria initially, then I tried to turn her into a sheepherding dog – that was a disaster – but as often happens in life, it also gave her the chance to get the perfect dog for her.

Fate is bright, independent, willful, and loving. She is at ease sleeping in Maria’s studio while she works. She knew from the beginning to never step on one of Maria’s quilts.

She doesn’t do a lot of licking or need to cuddle in laps. She loves to walk in the woods and never runs off or wanders. She loves people but refuses to beat up on the sheep.

And she is creative – she is an angel when we are around, she is not above hopping up on a counter to snatch a thawing pizza dough, or pull a plastic bag full of training treats off of the table and hide it somewhere.

She is crafty, misses nothing, wants to be a part of everything. I see in Fate one of the great dog axioms – they become what we needed them to become if we let them. That is their genius, their gift.

I didn’t get the herding dog I hoped might replace Red. Maria got the dog she needed. And then, so did I. Life is funny that way, sometimes it just sorts itself out.


  1. The Golden I have now barks more at noises than my others and puts herself between me and strange dogs or people on walks. She never growls or snaps, just places herself in between. My dog trainer, who is also her breeder, says it is because I am a widow now. This dog need to take on a role that wasn’t needed when my husband was alive. Makes sense I guess. The dog I need for this time in my life.

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