26 January

The Storm: Could It Be That The Angels Had Come Down To Sing To Me?

by Jon Katz

The storm came on slowly. First, the first snow was fine, and the sun was still shining through some of the clouds. I love photographing this apple tree, and I meant to catch it in the snow.

But suddenly there was no snow, and it seemed that the sun burst through a hole in the sky and when I took this photo, I knew I had gone to the aperture setting and changed the exposure, but I didn’t see this light until I looked at the picture on my computer.

I wish I knew what I did, but I don’t; photography is like that, and I remember standing in front of the tree – I was low this afternoon, and I thought about the many long nights I find myself brooding about the anger and conflict in the world and my own failings and mistakes.

I sometimes wonder if human beings will find a way to destroy it with greed and cruelty.

But out there in the cold, and very soon, there was the snow I could see coming, I felt that the center of me lies far beyond the human need to hurt others or ourselves, and my heart lifted, and I felt the warmth of the light.

At these times, I rise about the frailties and imperfections of humans. Life is so much more than that. I believe in the light; it comes when I let it.

There is a place within where we are free from fear and free to forgive and love and hope. That’s what I felt looking at the tree, and somehow, that’s what the camera saw.

Could it be that the angels had come down to sing to me?


  1. Jon, I wonder if you might be willing to sell a copy of this photo? Before I read your words I got caught up in your photo and I was smiling as I was drawn into it. It was very pretty and unusual with the pink halo around your tree, but there was something else about it that made me feel happy and peaceful. Rarely have I been feeling that way so it was such a gift. Even if you do not want to sell a copy, thank you for sharing it and your gift with us. Barb from Scituate, MA

  2. Wow! Beautiful photo! Good thing you don’t mind going out in the weather…a lot of lovely shots! Thanks for sharing.

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