23 February

Snow Nine Days Out Of Ten? (Getting My Vaccine First Shot Thursday)

by Jon Katz

When I bought my battery-powered snowblower a month ago, I expected to use it two or three times before Spring. I’ve used it nine days out of ten.

It’s held up well, and we were especially grateful for it today, there were about five inches of wet snow. Maria is especially grateful for the blower, as she does most of the shoveling.

My blower is tough. It plows into crusted mounds of snow and just spits the snow out. The ion batteries are good for an hour, and we store them in the house to keep them out of the cold.

I honestly can’t explain why I didn’t do this before. For the first time in weeks, the next few days will see temperatures rise above freezing. I smell Spring.

P.S. My local pharmacy has vaccines. I’m getting my first shot Thursday.


  1. Jon,
    So sorry to read of your heart and subsequent surgeries. But, delighted fir your life with Maria.
    I read many of your books in the past. But, after I left my 31-year marriage, I couldn’t concentrate well enough to read books. Fortunately, after five years I’m reading and enjoying Saving Simon.
    Good luck with your health, wife, and writing in the years to come.

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