27 March

The Annals Of Animal Love: Donkey Sisters Grooming Each Other

by Jon Katz

Lulu and Fanny have been together all of their lives, they are inseparable and devoted to one another. Once or twice a week, I see them grooming each other, cleaning spots that they can’t reach themselves, that might be dirty or itching.

I’m always touched by it, they are remarkable animals, I learn something from them every time I see them. Today I put a chair out in the pasture and they each came over to me on a different side and leaned into me sat still until I rubbed their ears and scratched their necks. I have Lulu a fig fat smooch on the nose.


  1. Jon, I can’t remember whether you ever confirmed it, but are Lulu and Fanny biological sisters? The Airedales owned by myself and my best friend are littermates and even though they don’t live together and only see each other every week or ten days, the bond they share is more powerful than with any of their dog friends. I wondered if Lulu and Fanny are the same.

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